PRIMUS efficient and less energy-consuming laundry renovation was made in the ESAT de la Bièvre a center based in France that promotes the social and professional autonomy, integration, and reintegration of people with disabilities.


The laundry needed to go from 250 Kg to 500 Kg per day, without enlarging the building. Starting from this constraint, the laundry consultant studied the best optimization of the building. PRIMUS, having the largest range of machines, chose suitable equipment in terms of capacity, size, ergonomics, energy savings, cycle time.

All this while complying with the RABC standard. This is a real revolution that allows quality services to be guaranteed.


L’ESAT de la Bièvre had the desire to:

  • Increase the capacity of treating linens
  • Improve working conditions
  • Save on operating cost
  • Have an ecological approach
  • And provide training for handicapped workers

The renovation has led to higher working standards. According to Emmanuelle Maçon:

“The establishment manager, “the workers immediately took measure of the performance, the ergonomics, the improved ease of production, the simplification of areas and tasks… and the feeling of being less tired”.

Mission accomplished by Primus.


  • 4 medical barrier washer-extractors: (2 x 18 kg, 2 x 28 kg)
  • 2 tumble dryers (24 kg and 35 kg)
  • 4 ironing tables, suctioning, heating, and blowing with integrated heaters
  • 2 stainless steel tables
  • Moving bottom trolley Linen distribution trolley rolls

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