Our PRIMUS experts worked with l’ESAT du Rangen for the new reorganization of their laundry that had become obsolete. This project is a nice example of a modern, ergonomic laundry redesigned taking the expectations of the management and the handicapped workers into account.


ESAT had as a major goal to increase the capacity for processing laundry. This has been a successful bet for PRIMUS since the laundry has now gone from 200 Kg of linen treated per day to 450 Kg. This increase in production has thus allowed it to meet the demands of its clients but also to find new ones. Our specialists in the sector took into account the different constraints of the establishment in order to offer the best optimization of the building.

PRIMUS offered l’ESAT du Rangen equipment that was more ergonomic, more efficient, and less energy-consuming, thus ensuring quality work while making savings.

The operating organization has been entirely redesigned for installing in it, on the one hand, aseptic machines compliant with the RABC standard, but also to really take a step forward in the production of the processing of linen.

The renovation of the laundry has now allowed the sanitary obligations to be fulfilled and also the standards for working conditions and mandatory safety of the workers to be met. The workers have been trained in the equipment and the RABC method, thus allowing them to be more involved in their jobs and to raise their awareness of the standards for hygiene in the laundry sector.

Assistance is the key to a successful installation and that is what PRIMUS knew how to offer throughout this project!

According to Myriam, one of the 13 handicapped employees in the laundry at l’ESAT:

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