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ANGEL 3.0 represents a big step beyond in the universe of the shirt pressing finishers made by PONY. It is not a restyling of the previous version, but a new concept, that combines the original and successful ideas of the first ANGEL with the latest know-how. ANGEL 3.0 represents the best finishing solution for shirts.

Innovative features are:

  • new dummy design combined with improved vacuum function, that allows a more precise and faster shirt placing;
  • the new contoured Teflon-coated bucks offer flawless ironing and thanks to PTFE treatment avoid shine on dark shirts;
  • powerful 3HP fan which guarantees a faster drying of the shirt;
  • The patented H.A.R.S. (Hot Air Recovery System) has been designed to recapture hot air allowing a 20% reduction in steam consumption. In addition, it reduces the blowing cycle time, improving productivity and the temperature of the working environment;
  • wide range of sizes.

ANGEL 3.0 combines highly professional performance with extreme ease of use, thanks to its user-friendly and sequential controls. The state-of-the-art multicolor touch-screen PLC interface allows complete management of this equipment, from customization of the operational cycles to analysis and diagnostics even with remote access, as well as connection to store management software.

ANGEL 3.0 is available in the standard version with a pneumatic sleeve tensioning device, and in NS (No Sleeves) version without shoulder press and sleeve tensioning devices.


  • steam-heated and Teflon-coated shoulder press and sleeve-placket presses;
  • steam-heated and Teflon-coated bucks to avoid shining on dark shirts;
  • sliding front buck that allows the operator to position the shirt without any displacements;
  • height-adjustable;
  • height-adjustable, pneumatic device for sleeves tensioning;
  • specially contoured cuff clamps for a perfect adaptation to the shirt’s armhole.


  • H.A.R.S. (Hot Air Recovery System);
  • connectivity kit for internet connection;
  • short sleeves clamping device;
  • mirror.

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