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The form finisher’s range MG has been engineered to meet the demand of blow finish for all outerwears in dry cleaning and laundry stores, the garment industry, ironing services and in the hospitality industry.

Features are: Finishing cycles controlled by microprocessor with 10 stored programs, manual cycle start or automatic cycle start using a foot pedal, adjustable hot air flow, revolving or fixed dummy if combined with the sleeve tensioning group.

Form finishers of this range are available in the following versions:

  • MG: form finisher to be connected to external steam supply. Available with Standard Dummy or with RM dummy with manual size regulations
  • MGP “PNEUMATIC”: former to be connected to external steam supply with pneumatic steam valve. Available with Standard dummy and also with a stainless steel body.
  • MGE “ECONOMO”: Former for connection to external steam supply, returning its steam condensate into an electric boiler with a minimum water level not higher than 35 cm. from the floor.

Available options:

  • ”MGT” sleeve tensioning assembling specifically studied for the finishing of anoraks and jackets
  • 9 or 20 liters boiler
  • GFV group with steam iron
  • steam gun
  • water spray gun
  • 1,7 HP fan
  • special dummies as alternative to standard dummy

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