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Mpt series has been engineered for the finishing of trousers, even in industrial productions. The special structure and the automation of the different finishing stages allow a very high hourly output. Cycles are controlled by microprocessor.

MPT is the solution for every kind of trouser: jeans, casual and classic trousers. All toppers of the MPT series are ready for connection to external steam and air supplies. MPT is available in three versions with clamps with internal/external clamping system ( internal/external clamps cannot be supplied with the photocell option) and two versions without internal/external clamps.

The three versions with internal/external clamps as standard are:

  • MPT-D: With pneumatic tensioning of the waistband with front clamp. Model MPT-D is provided with a pneumatic trolley for leg tensioning with independent pivoting clamps . MPT-D is also available with automatic and electric boiler with electronic control.
  • MPT-DL: with pneumatic waist tensioning, with lateral waist stretching device; It is equipped with special anatomic side paddles which perfectly fit and mould the trouser waist and leg, after the trousers’cut. Interchangeable anatomic shapes are available for different sizes. Pneumatic trolley with independent pivoting clamps. MPT-DL is also available with automatic and electric boiler with electronic control. Only for this model, the manual size regulator device is equipped with two small pneumatic cylinders.
  • MPT-DP2: with pneumatic tensioning of the waist , with front paddle and with heated anatomic shape. Model MPT-DP2 is equipped with pressure paddles to fix the waist darts and set the pleats, which can be excluded when needed. DP2 is equipped with pneumatic leg tensioning trolley with independent pivoting clamps.

MPT series include one more version without internal/external clamping system:

  • MPT-A: with pneumatic tensioning of the waist with front clamp and manual clamps for legs.

Available options:

  • Photocell (only for models D, DL and DP2) for the automatic alignment of the legs trolley with the trousers cuff and automatic clamps closing with automatic cycle starter.
  • Devices for the manual control of the waist sizes
  • Electric over heater for the steam
  • Water spray gun
  • Airflow regulation valve

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