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Professional portable ozone production unit with 8 g/h corona effect generator and integrated oxygen conversion system.

Ozone is able to restore the air of a room thanks to its ability to inactivate or destroy the cells of biological agents such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, enzymes etc. without the use of chemical products.

Ozone is also very effective in eliminating odours such as smoke, sweat, food, shoes, mold, paint etc.

In laundry it can be used inside closed spaces and allows the sanitising of multiple items, such as rugs, curtains, duvets, mattresses, etc., in addition to the classic clothes in laundries.

Its applications are unlimited: laundries, clinics, retirement homes, hotels, offices, conference halls, canteens, clothing stores, theatres and cinemas, dental practices, schools, gyms, means of transport, etc.

OZOCUBO is equipped with:

  • Oxygen reconversion system that allows access to the treated room immediately after the end of the cycle.
  • Safety sensor which checks that ozone levels at the end of the cycle are below the limits imposed by law, automatically extending the process until reaching these limits.
  • Acoustic signal that advises when the cycle starts.
  • Wi-Fi remote control that allows operator to be informed about execution status and end of the work cycle while remaining outside the room during the treatment process.
  • Electronic board with 8 memorized programs with durations ranging from 15 minutes up to 24 hours.

Thanks to its small size (31x29x29 cm) and weight (7,5 Kg) this unit is easily transportable and thanks to its powerful Corona discharge ozone generator it is able to saturate small and medium-sized rooms in a very short time. A 75 m3 room is saturated in 11 minutes, as an average.

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