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Utility up-steaming, vacuum and air-blowing tables RECORD are the perfect combination of innovation and ease of use for top quality ironing and competitive prices. Record tables feature copious and well distributed steam from the board. Vacuum and air-blowing are powerful and constant; the air flow is adjustable and the optional “Energy Saver” device allows to save up to 30% steam thanks to instant steaming. Record is manufactured either self-contained, with 5lt (6 kW), 9lt (6 or 8 or 10 or 12 kW), 20 lt (10 or 12 kW) boiler, or for connection to central steam.

Record is available either with Maxi board or with Bottle-Neck (BN) board with the following board sizes:

  • Maxi: dim. 1300 x 500 – small end 250 mm
  • BN: dim. 1300 x 500 – small end 300 mm

Available options upon request:

  • Twin heating elements (only for 20-lt boiler)
  • Steam or steam/air spotting gun
  • Water spray gun with support
  • Arm with sleeve-ironing shape, topper shape or spotting shape
  • Overhead gantry with or without pulley and iron suspension, with or without light
  • “Small-end right operation” pack
  • Instant steam device (ENERGY-SAVER version).
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