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The VEGA SmartDry DT is designed as a heavy-duty dryer, with high efficiency and energy-saving heating system, the dryer is built with above industry standard materials for a long-lasting machine.

Customers can choose between steam heated, or gas heated, dryers depending on their operation. The dryers are designed to be placed together side-by-side, without any space in-between them in order to be as space-efficient as possible.
The SmartDry DT dryers also features a blower and a lint-filter system integrated beneath the drum for easy maintenance.
In addition, the dryers can be built and combined with vacuum-loading systems and an automatic press-cake loader.

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  • Gas, or steam heated dryers
  • Premium Dryers
  • Easy maintenance
  • Unique burner concept
  • Freestanding and System dryers
  • Built using above industry-standard materials


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