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VEGA Systems designs and builds the Smartline batch washer machines based on our customers needs and their respective industries – such as the hotel, hospitals, work-wear industry and nursing homes.

We are green: Reliable high-speed hydraulic (Turbo Version) comes as a standard in our RP Press. This ensures you reach the best possible level of residual moisture.
The energy cost of evacuating water from linen in a dryer, or in a ironer, is eight-and-a-half times (8.5x) more expensive than with a extraction press.

Smartpress RP is the first and only extraction press with the same lifespan as a tunnel washer due to its design.
Our RP presses are fitted with two solid rectangular-frame-elements, of joint-free steel-frame construction, which ensures maximum strength, integrity and operational reliability.
The frame distributes the pressure more efficiently (7.5x Safety Factor) compared to the standard column press design (2.5x Safety Factor).


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  • Unique & strong frame design
  • Special programs for sensitive linen
  • With up to 63 bar membrane pressure
  • Can reach residual-moisture level of 35% or less


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