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PANTAMASTER is a press with horizontal bucks, specifically studied for the rapid flawless finishing of trousers. A functional pneumatic clamps’system, controlled by a pedal, locks the waistband and sets the pleats, facilitating the correct positioning of trousers’ leg. The particular shape of the two bucks and the intermediate frame allow the finishing of the two legs, fixing the pleats and giving in a few seconds, a pair of trousers ready to be packaged. Even an inexperienced operator is able to get excellent performances, thanks to simple and sequential operations, with rapid and mechanical movements, always maintaining a correct posture.

It is equipped as standard with an electronic card with 10 storable programmes and, on request, can be equipped with a cutting edge Touch Screen PLC that allows the machine to be managed remotely: productivity control, production planning, diagnostics and receipt of alarms in real time, statistical reports, etc.

The wide vacuum and steaming lower buck can be used for the finishing of linens and knitwear, thus giving the unit a high versatility and allowing the optimization of the investment. PANTAMASTER is the ideal solution for every laundry shop seeking to strike a balance between quality and high production. PANTAMASTER is the only trousers press on the market that can contain a built in boiler, simplifying costs and installation operations.

A superior and more accurate finishing quality can be achieved with the HQ (high quality) version, which boasts an up-air, heated waist form on which the operator can complete the waist touch-up with the iron supplied, while the machine carries out the automatic pressing cycles, thus optimising time and keeping a high production performance.


  • built-in boiler;
  • GFV iron assembly;
  • blowing device.



DLP-DOUBLE LEGGER PRESS is the new utility legger press designed to obtain high production levels, relieving the operator from physical fatigue and ensuring a constant finishing quality.

PONY’s extensive and specific experience in ironing presses has resulted in this machine that, through the automated ironing cycle and the intermediate separation frame for the finishing of the second leg, allows laundry operators, even those without experience, to quickly press the four folds of the trouser legs in a single stroke.

  • Head and lower buck steaming and steam-heated, with the lower one also vacuum, and air-blowing, upon request. Flawless finishing of the trousers pleats in a very short time, without leaving shine on dark fabrics and without marking the pockets;
  • silicon intermediate frame that separates the two legs for a perfect definition of the four pleats of the trousers in a single movement;
  • hydraulic shock absorber that guarantees the absence of any stress on the machine, for maximum reliability and durability;
  • anti-pulling function, which prevents lightweight fabrics from sticking to the upper buck as it rises, so as not to compromise the final ironing quality.


  • fast head movement;
  • 60° head opening;
  • adjustable and powerful squeezing pressure;
  • hydraulic shock absorber;
  • built-in vacuum;
  • both bucks are steaming and steam-heated;
  • lower buck can also be vacuum and air-blowing;
  • intermediate silicon plate manually operated;
  • pivoting iron rest with safety;
  • automated finishing system;
  • electronic board;
  • ready for connection to external steam and compressed air supply;
  • two-button head closing with or without safety rail.


  • 9lt or 20lt built-in boiler;
  • blowing device for the lower buck;
  • steam iron assembly with electric steam iron and safety device;
  • “ALL STEAM” iron assembly and safety device.

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