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Everything dry: Automating the classical work done manually in textile service companies is a crucial factor for raising productivity.
The VEGA – FINTEC VarioFold TR Series is a further commitment to developing concepts for improving energy efficiency in laundry operations of all sizes.
VEGA – FINTEC VarioFold TR handles all the time-consuming operations of the folding, sorting and stacking of dry washing in various formats (bath sheets, sauna towels, hand towels, woolen blankets, diapers, laundry bags and other small flat garments)

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  • Electro-pneumatic via programmable PLC control combined with dialog display
  • All transport drive systems in the machine are powered by frequency-controlled motors
  • Standard delivery includes item counter as well as a counter for hours of operation
  • Operation by means of color touch-screen
  • 2 lengthwise folds, 2 widthwise folds, 3 stacking lines
  • Maximum size of the item to be folded: 1,200 mm width x 1,800 mm length
  • It is not necessary to presort
  • Automatic selection of the folding formats and the stacking areas through optical sensors in the run area
  • Folding formats can be freely programmed
  • Vacuum to help hold the items on the folding surface
  • Programmable stop for quality control
  • Material-specific parameters can be stored individually for each program
  • Automatic length measurement at every folding station
  • Lengthwise folds using folding flaps and templates
  • Both widthwise fold is a reverse fold
  • Automatic recognition of pieces
  • Automatic ejection of too long pieces
  • Quantity- or height-based automatically removal of the completed stack
  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • Machine delivered ready to be connected, including all fittings required to operate the machine
  • Possibility to flexibly design the transport conveyors according to customer request


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