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The VEGA – FINTEC VarioJet FTS series provides a convenient setting for high-performance in garment finishing.
An absolute innovation is the efficient direction of air through the careful division of the finisher into 5 climate zones and through an extended inlet and outlet zone to produce an ideal tunnel climate.
In both the steam-heated and gas-heated versions of the finisher specially shaped jet nozzles generate high air speeds to produce the best possible mechanical stretching and hence smoothing of the laundry items.

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  • Individually programmable parameters
  • Micro-processor control
  • Operation by means of color touch-screen
  • Tunnel interior and steam spray pipe work in V2a stainless steel
  • Individually regulated steam spray in the drying chamber
  • Model features 5 climate zones consisting of:
    • Infeed chamber
    • Preliminary chamber with programmable steam spray fixture and jet nozzles for preliminary smoothing
    • 3 heating chambers that can be programmed separately
    • Final chamber for efficient final drying
    • Discharge chamber with exhaustion for final cooling to almost room temperature
  • Heat exchanger up to approx. 15 bar steam pressure
  • Automatic filter with brush strip for maximum lint retention
  • Additional, easy-to-clean lint sieve before the heat exchanger
  • Returning of the exhaust air that still contains a great deal of energy into the finishing process
  • Fully insulated on all sides
  • Faults are displayed on the screen either in text form or as a graphic.


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