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Garment handling without tiredness: Regardless of the level of automation of a finishing unit, each handling process begins with manual placing. An ergonomically structured garment hanging station is a basic prerequisite for a workplace that takes health considerations into account and a continuous high level of working ability.

VEGA – FINTEC VarioLoad (for the preparation and pushing of the garments onto transport hangers) ensures that operators of various body sizes can safely and conveniently hang up on hangers up to 400 garments per hour.
In order to meet these tough requirements the garment hanging station can be operated from both sides and is continuously adjustable for height. Here only the device that is actually used to fix the hanger in place moves up or down, while the housing with the feeding and removal conveyor sections remains unaffected with regard to the working height.
The empty hangers are fed in automatically from a storage magazine by a carrier chain. The entry of the garment that has been placed on the hanger into the transport system is done by a start command from the operator in a non-contact way using a photocell.
Then the built-in rising conveyor brings the hangers to the conveying system before the finisher. Holding sections within the transport system ensure that there is a rational and error-free work flow.

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  • Station can be operated from both sides
  • Microprocessor-controlled
  • Machine start by means of non-contact sensors
  • Capacity: up to 400 garments per hour
  • Variable working height – infinitely adjustable by 200 mm
  • Fully automatic feeding and separation of the empty hangers from the storage magazine
  • Non-slip fixing to push on the garments
  • Built-in rising conveyor to feed the loaded hangers into the conveying system before the finisher
  • Built-in control cabinet
  • All the drive units, including those of the rising conveyor, are controlled by frequency converters


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