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VEGA Selectfeed TRIO

Combining more than average speed with two, or three, feeding stations as well as a servo-controlled lay-down system, the VEGA SELECTFEED TRIO can achieve the greatest quality output.
Two or three operators can introduce large pieces in one, or two, lane operation on this compact flatwork feeder.

When working with high volumes of different types of flatwork, such as; duvets, sheets and table linen, this feeder ensures makes sure that you do not need to compromise between quality or production.
With up to three persons, you can achieve up to 900 pieces processed in both single or double lane operation.

When there is no pit available, the machine can be equipped with spreading-belts from both sides before the piece will be introduced to the suction-box. Furthermore, direct feeding, trailing edge control and a brusher system is available if you need to adjust the VEGA SELECTFEED TRIO completely according to your business.
When the clipping stations and lay down beam are placed at the back position the complete vacuum table is free to introduce small pieces. Laser indicators and control panels per lane are optional, which can be chosen if small-piece introduction is a major part of your production.


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