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In modern laundries quality, efficiency, ergonomics and productivity are getting more important every day. That’s why those were the keywords when we developed the VEGA TRANSFEED S.

Regardless of whether you want to process sheets, heavy-duvet covers or quality table linen, the TRANSFEED S can always be adjusted for your specific items.
So if you want to improve quality, increase production and create a better working environment for you employees the TRANSFEED S is the right choice.

Production capacity in a single lane is up to 1200 pieces per hour and in double lanes up to 1800 pieces per hour.

To further improve the quality of the TRANSFEED S, you can equip the machine with a direct feeding-nose compatible with almost any ironer in the market. To improve the quality of the back side of the linen, especially for duvet covers, you can add a brusher system from the top.
In combination with direct feeding, a trailing-edge control-system can also be installed on the TRANSFEED S to ensure that the trailing-edge will go smoothly into the ironer with a perfectly straight trailing edge, especially for table cloths.

In combination with VEGA Folders the TRANSFEED S can also be equipped with a reject system.


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