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Efficiency, Reliability, Quality, Performance and Sustainability were the five keywords for our engineers to focus on when developing the VEGAROLL S1200 steam heated chest ironer.
This range of ironers combines proven chest technology with some smart innovations to improve the efficiency and performance of the ironer.

On the VEGAROLL S1200; the roll is fixed in the frame and the chest is flexible on one side of the frame.
On the other side of the chest, pneumatic cylinders will push the chest against the roll according to the pressure set in the PLC control system.
The drive system of the VEGAROLL S1200 are independent motors with gearboxes and their own frequency inverters to generate optimal speed synchronization between the rolls.

With many years of experience in finishing equipment our aim was to develop an ironer which can be used for all kinds of finishing, such as: Hospital linen, Table linen (including round table cloths) and roller towels.

To reach our design goals we have invested many years in testing and optimizing our ironer to be usable with all types of flatwork.


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