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The VEGA APD is an automatic folder for different types of dry work. The machine is available in several executions:

The VEGA APD 1/1 is specially designed to fold several types of hospital dry-work, such as: towels, kitchen-towels, bibs, etc.
For these items you can combine one lateral-fold together with one cross-fold and stacking.
The lateral fold is executed by belt reverse-folding, which is supported by an air knife. The cross-fold is made by stack & fold.

Since most of the dry-work in hospitals most often do not exceed the dimensions of 600mm x 1000mm, the maximum feeding dimensions for this model are: 800mm x 1200mm.

These specifications ensure a very compact machine with a very high output rate of up to 1500 pieces per hour.

With the VEGA APD 3/1 you can process a large amount of different kinds of dry-work, with dimensions up to 1200mm x 2400mm.
For these items you can combine up to three lateral-folds with one cross-fold and stacking.

The first two lateral folds are executed by belt reverse-folding supported by an air knife. The third lateral-fold is executed by belt reverse-folding in combination with a mechanical knife.

The available folding patterns on the VEGA APD 3/1 Selective are the same as on the VEGA APD 3/1. The difference is that this model can be executed with 2, 3 or 4 stackers for automatic sorting of different types of items by size.

The machine comes as a standard equipped with a PLC touch-screen control system.
The PLC can store up to 100 different folding programs for individual customers. For each stored program, different folding and sorting parameters can be set.


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